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Get all your best fake laughs ready, and just be super impressed with everything that he says.

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People overreact way too much. Take the time to think about it before passing your judgment on castings.
Yes, I’m talking about The Hunger Games, in this instance. But this happens with every major YA book turned movie.
Although actors may not look right for the part doesn’t mean they aren’t compared to others. Looks isn’t everything.
I have trust in the producers and directors who made these decisions.

Have you seen their audition tapes?
So there you have it.

And for your information, yes. I can definitely imagine Josh as Peeta and Liam as Gale and I support Jennifer for Katniss.
I did like Kaya’s look for Katniss and also Hunter’s look for Peeta but honestly, I don’t know exactly how well Hunter can portray Peeta and I imagine Kaya might not have been at Katniss’ emotional place.
done now.

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exactly how I feel right now.

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you don’t have to hide behind a smile

Listen to Hide by Joy Williams

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